“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be
those who cannot read and write,
but those who cannot Learn, Unlearn and Relearn”

-Alvin Toffler


through playing online games

LeUnRel Edugames Private Limited

is registered with the motto - Learn, Unlearn and Relearn. A team of promising enthusiasts has grouped together to venture a viable business idea with a social responsibility to manifest the perfection already in a man.


To nourish young mind towards a good human being


To enrich the entertainment based education with vivid infographics


To spread social integrity and responsibility


  • To ignite the interest in subjects thorough playing online games

  • To inoculate the thoughts of social harmony instead of negative thoughts in the most popular fighting games

  • To increase attentiveness, hand-to-eye coordination, faster and accurate decision making, multi-tasking ability, power of critical thinking, problem solving skills, group activity

  • To enhance student-parent relationship

  • To provide a therapy for stress relief and mood enhancement


based on true facts


I appreciate the original and pragmatic approach by “LeUnRel Edugames Pvt. Ltd.” for smart education system through online games in different subjects. This would nourish the young mind towards a good human being.

Prof. Chiranjib Bhattacharjee Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Jadavpur University

… The innovative pedagogy used by the Team appears to be a promising tool to win over both young and old learners. … I must say that LeUnRel Edugames Platform stands out as a remarkable solution that likely to have a profound impact on both students and teachers alike. … It is a powerful tool that not only will enhance student engagement and learning outcomes but also will make the process enjoyable and rewarding. …

Dr. Nalini Sastry Director, CCMC, Formerly Professor at IIT Bombay

The games proposed by “LeUnRel Edugames Private Limited” are a smart and insightful approach of learning, recapitulation and development through online entertainment.

Dr. Siddheswar (Sid) Ray Professor Emeritus, Monash University, Australia

We appreciate the unique concept of value education with aid of entertainment through online games in different subjects of education, developing by “LeUnRel Edugames Private Limited”. Games developing by them with strict positive psychology would add the morality to young generation of modern era. We also presume, that the venture would be economically viable even at very pessimistic condition.

Dr. Sanjiban Bandyopadhyaya Cost accountant, Mukesh Kumar & Associates

Mr. Tusar Kanti Ray

Managing Director

PG Financial management, Marketing & Sales Management, Buoyant entrepreneur, Bullish linchpin

Dr. Ushasta Aich


Mechanical engineer, Ingenious researcher, Passionate facilitator

Mr. Akash Paul


Full-stack developer, Data Analyst, Critical Thinker

Ms. Sheli Saha


History postgraduate, UGC NET qualified, Independent researcher

Mr. Manish K Sheth


Commerce graduate, Entrepreneur, Motivational speaker & singer

Ms. Shrinati Ghosh


Botany graduate, Creative writer, Lifelong learner